September 2013 – IBA News & Muse

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What a brutally hot finish to August! I watered daily and misted at least once again later in the day. It looks like my trees made it through alright. Hope yours did as well. My trees have slowed their growth to a crawl, but the doggone weeds have continued to grow like – well, like weeds. I have a few more pots to clear of weeds this week.

Fall is on its way. That means nice colors are coming. It also means less watering. Fall is funny, though. We can have real extremes in temperatures. Temps can still climb to summer like numbers. It can also be windy, which can pull a lot of moisture from your soil. Best to stick your finger in each pot to get a sense of whether you have to water that day. Deeper pots hold water much better than shallow pots, so make sure you water the shallow ones more often than the deep ones…