Workshop Featuring Gary Wood-2014

On a Saturday afternoon 8-9-14, just before the Bonsai show at the Iowa State Fair, Gary Wood from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, held a workshop for members of the Iowa Bonsai Association. Gary an engaging bonsai teacher and artist, who among other projects through out the US is currently working with the trees from the bonsai collection at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.

As always Master Wood, imparted a tremendous amount of information for our members through a general review of the qualities, characteristics, and unique needs of the trees that the participants brought in and worked on. The group worked on wiring and initial styling of their trees with Gary’s help.


Peter Warren Workshop

peter_warren_workshop_1The Iowa Bonsai Association was priviledged to have Peter Warren, the renowned English apprentice of Kunio Kobayashi, present a demonstration and two days of workshops on April 16-17, 2011. Participants came from as far away as Lincoln, Nebraska. He impressed the dickens out of all present. For more about Peter Warren, see his website; also see the Art of Bonsai profile on him here >


Andy Smith Workshop


Yamadori Master Comes to Iowa

Andy Smith, the commonly acknowledged “king” of yamadori in this country, came through Iowa following the celebrated St. Louis Shohin Convention, April 24-26, 2009. He held sold-out workshops for both the Eastern Iowa Bonsai Club (April 27-28) and the Iowa Bonsai Association (April 29-30). Andy provided trees special priced and held aside on his website for selection by workshop participants. All were interesting upon arrival, and got much more interesting consequent to the workshop improvements on nature’s handiwork. We should expect to see some of these workshop trees at future bonsai shows in Iowa.