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August 2021 - IBA Newsletter

August 2021 – IBA Newsletter

Well, now it really is SHOW TIME! It’s time to clean up your trees and pots, arrange moss on the soil, put a little oil on the pots and all that jazz. It’s time to choose your companion plants and plan your displays (If you haven’t spent the last two months thinking about it!)… 2021-08-IBA-Newsletter

July 2021 - IBA Newsletter

July 2021 – IBA Newsletter

Happy July, Bonsai Enthusiasts! It’s SHOW TIME! Well, August is show time. The Bonsai Show at the Iowa State Fair is August 15, 2021, and the Mid-America Bonsai Society Show & Sale is being held at the Chicago Botanic Gardens August 20-22, 2021. And Guess What? Anyone can enter… 2021-07-IBA-Newsletter

June 2021 - IBA Newsletter

June 2021 – IBA Newsletter

Hi, Everybody! Bonsai in Iowa is starting to swing! See information in this Newsletter regarding Todd Schlafer and Jennifer Price workshop opportunities. Meeting particulars are set out in the President’s reports. We have a great article by Noah Butler on Bonsai Soil components… 2021-06-IBA-Newsletter

May 2021 - IBA Newsletter

May 2021 – IBA Newsletter

Hey, Everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying this rather brutal spring. This month premieres our column on Member Activities. Thank you to those of you who sent pictures and information about what you are doing this spring. To the rest of you: Where’s your stuff? What are you doing? We want to […]

April 2021 - IBA Newsletter

April 2021 – IBA Newsletter

Happy repotting and collecting, Bonsai enthusiasts! The Spring of 2021 is upon us. Depending on your winter storage situations and the species of trees in your collection, you may be deep into the repotting process. Others have just begun. Collecting season should open in a week or two… 2021-04-IBA-Newsletter

March 2021 - IBA Newsletter

March 2021 – IBA Newsletter

A new year of bonsai has begun! If you have cherries in winter storage, you may have started repotting in February. See Timely Tips for information on knowing when to repot and what to keep in mind this month and John Denny’s informative article on Root Hairs, a great re-run from a past issue. We […]