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Todd Schlafer Workshop

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, members of the Iowa Bonsai Association and, members of the Eastern Iowa Bonsai Association, We have the privilege of working with Bonsai artist, Todd Schlafer, at the Magruder’s Bonsai Studio. Cost for the workshop is $75.00. You can reserve a spot in the workshop by contacting Scott Allen at


February 2018 – IBA NEWSLETTER

When repotting, make sure you tie your tree in so it is very solid in the pot. It should not wiggle. If it does, then the wind will move the tree and tear up the tender new roots just as they are trying to be established. February– 2017 DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER


January 2018 – IBA NEWSLETTER

When your tree grows you will often have a long trunk and then a nice mess of broom style branching. In this situation, you can air layer the tree at an appropriate point below the branching. January – 2018 DOWNLOAD NEWSLETTER