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May 2020 - IBA Newsletter

May 2020 – IBA Newsletter

Several years ago I came across this older trident forest being sold at a bonsai nursery, and was interested in its relaxed, natural-looking lines. The trunks all looked about the same size… 2020-05-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD

April 2020 - IBA Newsletter

April 2020 – IBA Newsletter

Many trees like their roots far away from anything saturated, which is the bottom of the pot. Two in particular, pines and azaleas. And in muddling about the Western bonsai world I’ve been haunted… 2020-04-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD

March 2020 - IBA Newsletter

March 2020 – IBA Newsletter

On June 25-28, 2020, Bonsai artists and MABA members are heading to Milwaukee, WI for the MABA/Milwaukee Convention! In part to see headlining artist François Jeker from France… 2020-03-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD

February 2020 - IBA Newsletter

February 2020 – IBA Newsletter

This is a question we ask ourselves annually every spring and we ask it regarding about half of our bonsai tree collection. It is a simple question, is it not? But the answer can be very complex… 2020-02-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD

January 2020 - IBA Newsletter

January 2020 – IBA Newsletter

It has been a rather warm winter thus far. But, we are likely in for some good Iowa January weather soon. Remember, our trees generally require 40 days below 40 degrees F. I have had to crack the garage door a bit to get some lower temps… 2020-01-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD

November 2019 - IBA Newsletter

November 2019 – IBA Newsletter

Non bonsai people are amazed that little bonsai trees actually turn color in fall. I think it is one of the many fascinations of the hobby… 2019-11-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD