November 2020 – IBA Newsletter

November 2020 - IBA Newsletter

This time of year can be a bit on dreary side. We could use a few blooms to improve our attitudes. I have taken some photos of several species of blooming bonsai from Bonsai Empire… 2020-11-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD


October 2020 – IBA Newsletter

October 2020 - IBA Newsletter

Bonsai Fall Color Photos From Bonsai Empire website ~ Acer Palmatum “deshojo” Japanese maple Country of origin: Japan. Hiroshi Takeyama. It belongs to Luis Vallejo Bonsai Collection since 1991… 2020-10-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD


September 2020 – IBA Newsletter

September 2020 - IBA Newsletter

Clump style is one of my favorite styles. It can look so different depending on all of the varying tree species you can use. A clump of conifers gives a completely different look than a small grouping of tall elegant Japanese maples or a grouping of five twisting contorted K hornbeams… 2020-09-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD


August 2020 – IBA Newsletter

August 2020 - IBA Newsletter

I have kept bonsai trees for roughly 18 years. Like other bonsai hobbyists, I have experienced both the beauty and other rewards that go along with bonsai and I have experienced the disappointments that go hand in hand with those joys…2020-08-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD


July 2020 – IBA Newsletter

July 2020 - IBA Newsletter

It has been a tough and strange year in our lives. Work changes. Family changes. Shopping changes. Travel changes. But, our trees don’t know about all of these changes. They just grow. And we care for them and enjoy them…2020-07-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD


June 2020 – IBA Newsletter

June 2020 - IBA Newsletter

Bjorn Bjorholm is a well-known top bonsai teacher and personality. He has spent many years in Japan, first as a bonsai apprentice, then as a certified bonsai professional. Bjorn returned to the US… 2020-06-IBA-Newsletter DOWNLOAD